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We hope this Q & A helps you with some of the questions and concerns you may have about adding the value and enjoyment of an in-ground pool or spa to your home and property. If you have other questions that you don't see here, feel free to contact us directly. If we get a question often enough, we'll add it to this list for others who may run into the same situation.
Q. What are the things I need to consider when deciding who to buy from and who to choose for installation?

These are probably the most important decisions you'll make regarding your pool investment, because if you don't start with quality, you certainly won't end up with it. You should ask yourself whether the company you're considering just wants to sell you a package, put it in, and leave; or whether the company will service the pool after it is built. Do they seem interested in developing a long-term relationship with you, or do they seem more interested in simply closing the sale and moving on?


Be wary of a company that makes no commitment to service their products, because that might indicate their knowledge that the product won't perform well over the long haul. Ask what type of warranties any pool company is willing to back their products with. After all, you're willing to make a long-term investment… your pool company should be willing to do so, as well.

Q. Why does SPS offer only in-ground pools and spas?

We only sell and install in-ground units because we recognize that our customers are committing a significant amount of money, time and energy to creating a recreational haven on their property. We believe that the custom-designed concrete structures we design are the best way to protect that investment by guaranteeing a long and satisfactory service life.


Each in-ground pool we create is a specialized unit in itself, designed especially to work and fit in with the individual characteristics of your particular location. We can confidently make guarantees about the more permanent materials used to build in-ground pools and spas that we simply couldn't assure with the more flimsy and less durable materials most above-ground pools and spas are built from.


Can I buy a spa without buying a pool from SPS?


Of course. We prefer to do both at the same time, to guarantee the design of the underlying plumbing and structural system will work together properly for both pool and spa units. However, if you wish to install one or the other at first, knowing you'll eventually be adding the second unit, we can engineer for that during the initial installation. Add-ons are possible, but don't always offer the ideal situation, mechanically speaking.


It may cost a bit more for the original design and installation than it would if you just installed each one separately. But when you consider the potential costs in time, money and inconvenience of re-engineering after the fact, the investment in proper initial systems design and engineering will pay off in the long run.
Q. What are the different materials used to build a pool, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

There are three basic types of pool structures:

1.  Liner – above-ground, multi-part setup with a separate wall covered by a plastic liner. Limited size and configurations. Semi-permanent.

2.  Fiberglass – in-ground, single-piece, injection molded unit. Limited size and configurations. Permanent.

3. Concrete – in-ground, poured, single-wall structure. Size, depth and configuration limited only by property characteristics and your imagination. Permanent.


SPS sells only concrete, in-ground units because they offer much longer service life and far fewer problems than liner or fiberglass models. Think about it: how many above-ground pools have you seen that have lasted more than a decade?


Above-ground pools often suffer from separation issues, where the liner pulls away from the wall, and begins to float. If this is not remedied immediately, it will eventually pull out of the liner track. From that point on, it's only a matter of time until the liner rips and must be replaced. By that time, the pulling action has often warped the walls to the point where they are no longer sturdy enough to remain serviceable.


Fiberglass in-ground models have a disconcerting habit of popping out of the ground, because the unit really just sits in a hole without becoming part of the surrounding earth, as a concrete structure does. Several situations, most of them quite common, can cause the stress that makes this happen: normal or unusual shifting of soil, high water tables that cause increased hydraulic pressure, constant vibration caused by nearby quarries or heavy equipment usage.


Concrete is designed to work with or withstand these structural stresses when properly engineered. Our specialists are some of the best in the business, with a long track record of successful installations that have withstood the test of time.
Q. Does SPS also sell and install accessories like slides, lighting and decks? If so, what is the full line of options available?
A. Yes. We understand how much a part of your daily life your pool or spa will become, and are proud to offer our customers a full line of accessories to help you more fully enjoy your time spent there. From lights, slides and built-ins to decks, audio systems and remote controllers, you're sure to find just the right add-ons to help you make the most of your leisure time around your new pool and spa.
Q. I'd love a custom-designed pool, but isn't that really expensive?

Of course, a custom-designed pool is a bit more expensive than a pre-designed package. But consider how much more time you'll spend in and around a pool you had created specifically to fit your visual aesthetic, your leisure activities and your individual property traffic flow patterns.


Think of it the way you would think of buying a new car. It's a long-term expense, and you're going to be living with it for a long time. Sure, you might buy the less expensive model, but when you drive it, you'll always be thinking about the one you really wanted to get, because you'll miss all the attributes of that model that attracted you in the first place.


If you divide, over the life of your pool, the total cost by the amount of hours actually spent enjoying it, you'd likely find that the percentage of time used is greater for the custom pool, as compared to the pre-packaged unit. If you then average out the cost per hour of use, you might actually find that it's cheaper to buy the model you really want. Add to that the savings you could likely rack up by spending time in and around your pool rather than spending money at expensive clubs and other entertainment venues, the numbers add up even more in favor of that custom pool that's calling your name.

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Q. What kind of custom configurations are available?

Our experienced, professional landscape architect will be able to design almost any shape and configuration you can dream up. Concrete and the other materials we use are as versatile as they are strong and durable. So no matter what your dream pool looks like, we can probably build it exactly the way you envision it. And we like to think we can make it even better, because of all the experience and knowledge we bring to the table at design time.


Not only CAN we act as trusted consultants in the design process, we expect to give you the benefit of our many years in this business. We're proud to be able to offer suggestions that can make your pool more visually interesting, attractive, functional and convenient. And, of course, we really listen to YOUR ideas. Together, we can create the pool of your dreams. And because each one we build is unique, you'll never have to worry about an identical, “off-the-rack” look showing up at your neighbor's place.


We encourage you to help us make your pool as unique as you are. We can integrate treasured keepsakes and other items into your pool structure to make it unlike anything else that's ever been built. Unlike a certain fast food chain, we don't make you ask to have it your way. That's just the way we do business… every pool, every time.
Q. Is there a size limit to the kind of pool I can choose?
A. Though our construction methods support very large configurations, the reality of your lot size and local zoning regulations will determine what we can actually build on your property.
Q. Does SPS offer services other than pool installation?
A. Absolutely. We started our company from a service background of pool maintenance, repairs and rehabilitation. We bring as much enthusiasm for treating your pool right after the installation as we do to designing the perfect layout. After all, we are dedicated craftspeople, proud of our work. We want to make sure it stays in good shape as much as you do.
Q. If I buy a pool from you, am I required to buy the service package, as well?
A. Of course not. We believe our customers are intelligent people who can make their own choices about how best to care for their investment. We will make suggestions if we're asked, and we're proud of the high level of quality we offer in our service packages. We believe that most people in this too-busy modern age really appreciate the value we bring to their pool service by taking care of the work so you have more time to actually enjoy your pool.
Q. I haven't had great experience with building contractors, so I have reservations about hiring SPS. Do you offer references?
A. Yes. We will happily supply references on request. You can also visit the Testimonials page on this website to read comments from many satisfied customers.
Q. What kind of warranty does SPS provide on your work and installed products?
A. All our pool equipment comes with a three year parts and labor warranty. We only sell products that we have confidence will offer outstanding performance. If we wouldn't install it in our own yard, we won't put it in yours.
Q. Does SPS offer payment plans?
A. We regret that our small size doesn't allow us to offer financing, but we're happy to refer you to lending institutions that our other customers have had good luck with.
Q. I'm concerned about having my yard torn up while you install my pool. About how long will it take?
A. Most of our installations, depending on project size and weather, take about six to ten weeks from start to finish. However, we are dedicated to keeping the construction mess and disruption to a minimum. We are dependable when it comes to sticking with a schedule we've committed to, so you can anticipate and plan around our presence ahead of time.
Q. When you're done installing, do you clean up after your crews?
A. Absolutely. We're aware that our worksite is part of your home. We're about making it a more pleasant place to live, so we're fanatic about leaving your property in better shape than when we arrived. Positively no debris or equipment will be left behind. When we leave, the only way you'll know we've been there is that you now have a beautiful new pool or spa to enjoy.
Q. Does SPS offer referral fees to its current customers?
A. Yes. We know the value of our existing customers acting as the best advertising representatives we could possibly have, and we're happy to show our appreciation in a form everyone understands. We pay referral stipends to those whose referrals result in paid projects. The actual amount varies, depending on the project we were referred for.
Q. How long can I reasonably expect my pool to perform satisfactorily before it requires repair or replacement?
A. A properly built and maintained pool should run smoothly without needing repair for seven to ten years. We're pleased to report that many of our customers have gone much longer before their first repair call.
Q. With chemicals, cleaning and equipment costs, what kind of long-term maintenance costs am I committing to with an in-ground pool?
A. Because of the wide variation in the size and configuration of our installations, it's impossible to give a blanket figure for the total maintenance cost of our pools and spas. However, if you have clear ideas about the kind of pool you're looking for, give us a call. We'll probably be able to give you a pretty close estimate of your yearly expenditures on pool service.
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